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«Galactika» has become the winner of the international contest "Best Product 2013".

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"Galactika" Group of Companies reconstructed an old dairy in Falenki

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GALACTIKA Group is one of the major manufacturers of dairy products in Russia. GALACTIKA produces goods under brands "SVEZHEE", "Bolshaya Kruzhka" and "Sudarynya".


Structure of GALACTIKA Group: 

-          Galactika Dairy

-          Galactika Vyatka Dairy

-          Baby Food plant

-          Dairy farm Torosovo

-          Dairy farm Orlinskoe

-          Trading company Galactika

Total staff – more than 1000 employees.


The official opening Ceremony of Galactika Dairy took place on August 22nd, 2008 in Gatchina (Leningrad region). According to the estimations of foreign and russian experts GALACTIKA Dairy is one of the most advanced dairy enterprises in Europe. It is a fully automated plant, equipped with innovative technologies and producing high quality products.


Since December 2009 Valio company (Finland) started to produce drinking yogurts under its brand at Galactika Dairy. This fact is an extra confirmation to the high level of quality management system at Galactika Dairy.


Valio (Finland) and Tetra Pak (Sweden) became strategic partners of Galactika Dairy and helped to adapt their leading experience in the industry. Our production Quality Control system is accredited by Valio company. Tetra Pak is a supplier of packaging lines and equipment. 


Invariably high quality of Galactika products is guaranteed by Food Safety Management System FSSC 22000 and Quality Management System 9001:2008.


On January, 29th 2013 the official opening of the dairy "Galactika Vyatka"  in Falenki of the Kirov region took place. The new dairy is planned to produce UHT milk, curd and butter.


Baby Food plant was founded in 2003 in Gatchina. This is a modern enterprise with high automation level of technological processes and operating on Tetra Pak equipment. The factory produces milk in aseptic packages, juices and nectars under own brands and private labels. Baby Food plant participates in the Federal Social program “School Milk”: It produces milk “Bolshaya Kruzhka for schoolchildren” in individual 200 g packages and supplies it to a number of schools of the region.


Galactika group has been operating on St.-Petersburg dairy market for more than 60 years, since Gatchinsky Dairy plant  w    as established in 1947. Nowadays Galactika group produces pasteurized dairy products on traditional technologies.


Dairy Farm Torosovo is located in Volosovskiy district of Leningrad region. It is acknowledged one of the best farms in the region. Number of cattle stock is 1 500 cows.


Dairy Farm Orlinskoe is located in Gatchinsky district of Leningrad region. Number of cattle stock is 1 300 cows. The farms regularly hold activities on equipment modernization and personnel training. The farms are continuously increasing number of livestock and level of milk quality.


Trading company Galactika is responsible for marketing and sales. Galactika products are distributed to all federal and local retail chains and in great number of traditional trade stores in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, regions of Russia and CIS countries. Trading company Galactika is successfully cooperating with more than 8000 retail and wholesale companies. It regularly delivers directly to more than 3700 customers.