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«Galactika» has become the winner of the international contest "Best Product 2013".

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"Galactika" Group of Companies reconstructed an old dairy in Falenki

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The history of GALACTIKA Group starts from the beginning of construction of Gatchinsky Dairy factory in 1947.


In July, 1948 the plant was launched. In that time all products of the dairy factory - milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, and butter - were handmade. Suppliers of milk were collective farms, state farms, and also individual deliverers. During summer months the factory could accept up to 20 tons of raw milk daily.


In the beginning of 1960th  it was decided to reconstruct the plant. As a result the floor space of the factory has increased almost in 10 times. The official launch of the factory took place on July, 22nd, 1961. Gatchinsky Dairy factory became one of the largest dairy enterprises of Leningrad region. Its capacity has increased up to 50 tons of milk per day.


Since the new line “polipak” was adopted in 1990, milk in bottles was replaced by milk in carton bricks.  


In 1995 the production  of milk and fermented products in carton packing of Tetra Pak equipment (Sweden) was begun.


In 2000 the GALACTIKA Group was founded merging Gatchinsky dairy factory and trading company "Lenoblmoloko" (now - trading company GALACTIKA ).


In December, 2001 GALACTIKA Group acquired dairy farm "Torosovo" - one of the best farms in Leningrad region, located in Volosovsky area. The number of dairy cattle is 1500 cows.


In 2003 the "Baby's Food Factory" was launched in Gatchina - the modern enterprise equipped by Tetra Pak with a high level technological facilities to produce ultrapasteurized milk and juices.


In 2003 GALACTIKA Group acquired dairy farm "Orlinskoe", located in Volosovsky area of the Leningrad region. The number of dairy cattle is 1300 cows.


In 2006 it was decided to launch the new project – to start construction of GALACTIKA  Dairy. Two European companies - Valio (Finland) and Tetra Pak (Sweden) became strategic partners of the project that allowed embodying the best experiences of the companies-leaders in their branches.


January, 2007 - the beginning of construction of  GALACTIKA  Dairy.


And the official opening ceremony of the most modern dairy enterprise in Europe GALACTIKA  took place on August, 22nd, 2008. The number of officials took part in the official ceremony: Sirkka-Liisa Antilla - Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland, N.A.Arhipov - Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, V.P.Serdyukov – The Governor of Leningrad region, Pekka Laaksonen - President of the company "Valio", D. Y. Olyunin - Chairman of the Board of bank "VTB", I.Y.Akimov - vice-president of "Tetra Pak Russia", and others. GALACTIKA  Dairy is fully automated enterprise equipped by the newest technologies which allows to produce high quality goods. The processing capacity of GALACTIKA  Dairy is 800 tons of milk per day.


On November, 24th, 2008 the Vice-President of the Russian Federation V.V.Putin visited GALACTIKA  Dairy.

Since December, 2009 GALACTIKA  Dairy started to produce drinking yoghurts under brand Valio (Finland) – one of the European leaders of the dairy industry.



On January, 29th 2013 the official opening of the dairy "Galactika Vyatka"  in Falenki of the Kirov region took place. The new dairy is planned to produce UHT milk, curd and butter.


Today GALACTIKA Group is one of the major manufacturers of dairy products in Russia. GALACTIKA produces goods under brands "SVEZHEE", "Bolshaya Kruzhka" and "Sudarynya".