PinaColada MilkTime Cool is refresh and rejuvenate

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«Galactika» has become the winner of the international contest "Best Product 2013".

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"Galactika" Group of Companies reconstructed an old dairy in Falenki

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Dairy GALACTIKA launched for the first time in Russia Tetra Top line with opening system One Step Opening.

Dairy GALACTIKA (part of GALACTIKA Group) launched new packaging line Tetra Top 3 with opening system One Step Opening (OSO). This project is unique – the new format of package Tetra Pak Carton Bottle Mini 250 ml is the first world experience.


Lines Tetra Top 3 OSO for other formats of packages successfully work in European countries. In 2010 the line was launched in Ukraine. In Russia the opening system One Step Opening is established for the first time.


"The launch of Tetra Top 3 OSO line, certainly, reflects the advanced market tendencies, and the new opening system answers consumer expectations", - says Michael Lobanov, Director of "Tetra Pak" in Northwestern region of Russia. - "Dairy GALACTIKA became the first enterprise in Russia and one of the first globaly, launched the line ТТ/3 XH IC. We are glad, that the innovative equipment of "Tetra Pak" company promotes modernization of the dairy industry and improvement of food quality and assortment for the Russian consumers".


One Step Opening system is installed on a cardboard package and represents a twisting cap, which once being opened is ready to pour and drink a product. It means that there is no additional contact with membrane on a package, now package is opened automatically by twisting a cap.


"Thanks to the cap supplied with internal opening indicator and protective ring, the package is quickly opened and easily closed. This is ideal decision for pasteurized products used on the go and at home which allows to improve functionality of the pack and convenience of usage", - says Igor Pomerantsev, marketing manager of  "Tetra Pak" company.


Line productivity is 4,5 thousand packages per hour by each side of the machine.


The unique line will be used to produce both new products, and already popular among consumers. In particular, new products - drinking yoghurts and BIO-kefir Milk Time BIOFIBRA are planned to produce in mini-format with One Step Opening system Tetra Pak Carton Bottle Mini 250 ml.


The package Tetra Pak Carton Bottle Mini 200 ml will be also used to pack up smoothie Milk Time BIOFIBRA and products for children "TOM and JERRY" (drinking yoghurts, kefir and biokefir), which are new in Galactika’s assortment. 


Besides package for drinking yoghurts "Bolshaya Kruzhka" will be updated for Tetra Pak Carton Bottle Midi 500 ml.


"It is important to use innovative decisions for dynamically developing company, to differ from competitors, to attract consumers with qualitative products and modern convenient package", - emphasizes Nikita Volkov. - "package Tetra Top OSO perfectly fits for children products "TOM and JERRY", and also for products Milk Time BIOFIBRA which are liked by consumers who appreciate comfort and pleasure".