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«Galactika» has become the winner of the international contest "Best Product 2013".

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"Galactika" Group of Companies reconstructed an old dairy in Falenki

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GALACTIKA Group - about achievements in 2010 and plans for current year

In 2010 GALACTIKA’s annual sales value has grown on 30 % compare to the previous year.


At present, GALACTIKA occupies up to 25 % in St.-Petersburg and about 5 % market share in Moscow in the segment of ultrapasteurized milk. In Russian UHT-milk market GALACTIKA holds the 3rd place among manufacturers.


GALACTIKA products are presented generally in all federal and local retail chains, and also in traditional stores in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Russian regions, and number of the CIS countries. Trading company GALACTIKA successfully cooperates with more, than 8 000 retail and wholesale companies. Weighted distribution of company’s brand "Bolshaya Kruzhka" is 86 % in St.-Petersburg and over 50 % in Moscow.


"We reached a lot in the past year, - says Igor San-Senovich Diou, the Chairman of Board of GALACTIKA. – generally 2010 became complicated test for the dairy industry. Due to natural cataclysms the offer of raw milk decreased, and its prices increased. Besides in some regions of Russia drought and fires brought shortage of cow’s forages. In this circumstances many dairies could not work at full scale and were not able to satisfy retail necessities. But we managed to solve most of difficulties and support GALACTIKA’s development.


GALACTIKA manufacture products under brands "Bolshaya Kruzhka", "Milk Time" and "Sudarynya". Since December 2009 GALACTIKA launched manufacturing of yoghurts Valio (Finland) - the European leader of dairy industry.


Besides investments into marketing, GALACTIKA have significant expenditures in development and modernization of agricultural enterprises.


Thus, in 2010 GALACTIKA began to install the newest line ТТ/3 XH IC for production in cardboard packages Tetra Top (Tetra Pak Carton Bottle) with a cap which is easily opens in one move One Step Opening. This project is unique – the new format of package Tetra Pak Carton Bottle Mini 250 ml is the first world experience. Lines Tetra Top 3 OSO for other formats of packages successfully work in European countries. In 2010 the line was launched in Ukraine. In Russia the opening system One Step Opening is established for the first time. The unique line will be used to produce both new products, and already popular among consumers. In particular - new products for children "TOM and JERRY" (drinking yoghurts, kefir and biokefir).


In November, 2010 the agricultural farm "Torosovo" (Volosovsky district of Leningrad region), which is part of group of companies GALACTIKA, has finished reconstruction of one of farmyards. The modern equipment was installed, that will allow to improve essentially conditions of cows maintenance, and increase quantitative and qualitative milking parameters.

The investment program of the current year also includes extension of production facilities.


Besides investments into logistics development and extension of transport park are planned.


"In 2011 we plan to increase the volumes of processing of milk at 15-20 %, launch new perspective products and develop current projects ", - says Igor San-Senovich Diou, the Chairman of Board of GALACTIKA Group.