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«Galactika» has become the winner of the international contest "Best Product 2013".

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"Galactika" Group of Companies reconstructed an old dairy in Falenki

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"Luntik" starts at GALACTIKA

GALACTIKA Group and licensing agency "Melnitsa" signed the contract on use of protected elements of a children's animation serial "Luntik and its friends". Validity of the contract is 12 months.


The contract is valid for dairy production in the territory of the Central federal district, Southern federal district, Northwest federal district, Privolzhsky federal district, and the Ural federal district. The agreement is non-disclosure.


"Our licensees are long-term partners who share our vision about quality of a product ", - says Lyudmila Tsoy, the sales Director of agency "Melnitsa". - " especially carefully we choose licensees -  manufacturers of food. Therefore we cooperate with GALACTIKA Group, which manufacture products for the Finnish company Valio, which is known all over the world for its high requirements to quality. Besides GALACTIKA created unusual package that reflects individuality of our brand and it is liked by kids".


The production of dairy products "Luntik" will start in May, 2011 at one of the most advanced dairy enterprises in Europe - completely automated Dairy GALACTIKA (Gatchina, Leningrad region).


"The quality is extremely important for baby food products", - says Nikita Volkov, GALACTIKA’s marketing director. - " We use innovative technologies, modern equipment, aseptic package and experience of world leaders in manufacturing delicious, healthy products of extra quality. We do not add preservatives and artificial dyes in dairy products. Dairy GALACTIKA receives milk from enterprises of Leningrad region, which traditionally is considered one of the best milk quality regions in Russia. Many farms invented technology "the happy cow" which helps essentially improve milk quality".


New drinking and dessert yoghurts, milk and dairy cocktails, kefir and biokefir, whey drinks with juice, kissels and juices for children above 3th years old will be produced under brand “Luntik”. Total 21 stock keeping units.


Drinking yoghurts, kefir and biokefir, whey drinks with juice "Luntik" will be produced  at the newest line Tetra Top 3 with the modern opening system One Step Opening which was installed at Dairy facilities in spring 2011, and has no analogues in Russia at present.


According to Comcon marketing research (2010, St.-Petersburg, Moscow), Luntik is know by 67,9 % of the Russian children of 4-6 years old, more over 37 % of children have named it as a favourite character.


"Luntik" is the second licensing trade mark for our company in segment of baby food products, which is compare to "TOM and JERRY" should be closer to adherents of domestic culture, - Nikita Volkov informs. - "besides" Luntik" was born recently and created for younger preschool children while "TOM and JERRY" entered into our life together with an epoch of great changes and is familiar, perhaps, to all age groups of consumers ".