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«Galactika» has become the winner of the international contest "Best Product 2013".

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"Galactika" Group of Companies reconstructed an old dairy in Falenki

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Milk “SVEZHEE” – the new product of the Galactika Group assortment

Galactika Group - one of the largest manufacturers of dairy products in Russia - is known first of all as manufacturer of ultrapasteurized milk "Bolshaya Kruzhka". In the Russian UHT-milk market Galactika keeps the third place among manufacturers and around 25 % in St.-Petersburg market.


Pasteurized milk “SVEZHEE” appeared for the first time in "Bolshaya Kruzhka" brand assortment. The shelf life at +4+20С is only 10 days. To keep freshness and benefit of this milk, Galactika carefully protects it from daylight. As soon as daylight reduces the quantity of vitamins in the milk and worsens its consumer properties, the non-transparent leak-proof package Tetra Top is used for milk "Bolshaya Kruzhka SVEZHEE", which creates a reliable barrier for the sunlight. Package Tetra Top consists of 6-layer laminated cardboard, providing durability, and internal layer of polythene which exclude contact of the product with other external layers. This package possesses the best functional properties of both plastic and glass packages. Thus it is more harmless, as it can be exposed to secondary processing that provides environmental care, keeping and renewing wood resources.


The package design was developed by Latvian studio D.P.J.N. (Company "Diena Pirms Janu Nakts "), known for its projects in FMCG markets in Baltic countries, Eastern and Northern Europe.


The new product is produced at Galactika Dairy in Gatchina, Leningrad region, - one of the most advanced dairy enterprises in Europe. Milk SVEZHEE is produced in one of the most popular formats of package - 1000 grams.