PinaColada MilkTime Cool is refresh and rejuvenate

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«Galactika» has become the winner of the international contest "Best Product 2013".

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"Galactika" Group of Companies reconstructed an old dairy in Falenki

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Ivan Urgant on the milk packages "Bolshaya Kruzhka"

Galactika Group takes an active part in marketing activity "Milk-show" sponsored by Tetra Pak Company. During the period from November, 2011 till May, 2012 there is an additional block of information placed on the package of the ultrapasteurized milk – text and a photo of popular showman Ivan Urgant. It can be found on such products of "Bolshaya Kruzhka" as: milk 2,5 % 950 g, milk 3,2 % 950 g, milk 2,5 % 1450 g, milk 3,2 % 1450 g, milk 4 % 1450 g, milk 2,5 % 1980 g, milk 3,2 % 1980g.


The activity’s goal is to inform consumers about usefulness of the ultrapasteurized milk. Ivan Urgant as moderator of "Milk-show" discredits the myths related to UHT-milk, explaining process of manufacturing by information not only on the package, but also by online game at www.omoloke.com.