PinaColada MilkTime Cool is refresh and rejuvenate

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«Galactika» has become the winner of the international contest "Best Product 2013".

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"Galactika" Group of Companies reconstructed an old dairy in Falenki

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Galactika launched healthy cocktails MilkTime Mojito Cool

By beginning of summer Galactika group launched new whey drinks MilkTime Mojito Cool which have no analogues in the Russian market. New drinks perfectly refresh and revitalize, and even more – they are very tasty. For nowadays it is possible to taste two kinds of alcohol-free cocktails: MilkTime Strawberry Mojito and MilkTime Mint & Lemon Mojito.


MilkTime Mojito Cool combines benefit of natural strawberry and lemon juices, and also natural properties of dairy whey and mint. Dairy whey is close to whole milk in terms of vitamin-mineral structure, but does not contain fats. Unlike many other whey drinks, MilkTime Mojito Cool does not have any preservatives.


MilkTime Mojito Cool ideally fit for a dietary nutrition - only 38 Kcal for 100g of a product, and contains all necessary elements of a healthy food: proteins, lactose, mineral substances and vitamins A, В6, D3 and E. MilkTime Mojito Cool helps to keep a good shape and improves mood.


Marketing Director of Galactika Group Dmitry Kozlov believes new nonalcoholic cocktails MilkTime Mojito Cool fit modern healthy life-style trend and have good potential in the market. At the same time refreshing whey drinks can become fine alternative to lemonades and other sparkling drinks, as consumers consider  them more healthy, but not less tasty. At the beginning, new drinks will be sold in St.-Petersburg and Moscow.


The package design of MilkTime Mojito Cool is developed by advertising agency BOLO. The results of marketing research conducted by "О+К" company show that total 76% of respondents have chosen this type of design. Consumers consider it as attractive: "green-blue package transfers idea of refreshing and revitalizing drink and provokes intention of purchase". 


MilkTime Mojito Cool is packed into modern 500 grams package Tetra Top OSO (One Step Opening) that allows quenching the thirst and indulging the taste of whey drink in the office, gym, on the go, and certainly at home.


New drinks are made at the Dairy "Galactika" in Gatchina, Leningrad region - one of the most advanced dairy enterprises in Europe.


Creative group:

Galactika Group:

Marketing Director – Dmitry Kozlov

Deputy Marketing Director – Tatiana Nazarova

Brand Manager – Olga Vyshkova


Advertising agency BOLO

Design – Pavel Philippov