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«Galactika» has become the winner of the international contest "Best Product 2013".

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"Galactika" Group of Companies reconstructed an old dairy in Falenki

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The official opening of Galactika Vyatka took place

On January, 29th 2013 the official opening of the dairy "Galactika Vyatka" (part of "Galactika" Group of Companies - one of the largest dairy enterprises in Russia)  took place. The ceremony was attended by Elena Vasilievna Kovaleva - Vice Chairman of the Government of the Kirov Region, Head of the Department of Finance; Vladimir Evgenievich Lyskov - Head of the Falenki district; Maxim Valentinovich Ivanov - Chairman of the board of directors of "Galactika" Group of Companies; Igor San-Senovich Dyu - Chairman of the executive board of "Galactika" Group of companies.

The project was launched just over a year ago - on December, 1st 2011 the three-party agreement between the Government of the Kirov region, Falenki district and " Galactika Vyatka" ltd. was signed. Technical re-equipment and modernization of the dairy as well as renewal of engineering infrastructure in Falenki village became the subject of this agreement.

The new dairy is planned to produce UHT milk, curd and butter.

Presently "Galactika Vyatka" dairy processes up to 50  tons of raw milk per day. By the end of 2013 it's planned to increase production upto 900 tons per month.

The total staff number counts about 65 people. Thus, extra work places for residents of the Falenki district were created by "Galactika" group of companies. Staff training as well as integration of the new enterprise into the unified structure of the Group of companies is planned.